What is a Play?

What are the different components of a Play?

The syntax of a play has three sections = [action verb]+[subject]+[description]. Every Play should have a "Purpose" field to emphasize the value of the Play. It is another opportunity to reaffirm the team member as to execution precision, culture, etc. We will need to assign who is the owner of this play and what is the impact to our business. Select a level of Impact 1-5. It is a way to emphasize to the team-member(s) how important it is on your eyes --qualitative and/or quantitative. Finally a Play should have a sequence of Actions for your teammates to replicate this Play successfully!

"Well, I don't think I am capable of creating a Play"

We all being there. We feel like our work is 'obvious' or repetitive but we need to understand that what is 'easy' and obvious for us is not for our peers. We all have our own bias and tend to think what comes easy for us will be for others. Taking the time to craft the Plays will serve well when are looking to create a scaleable business that will continue to grow long-term. Take the risk, your team will thank you!

What makes a Play stronger?

Plays tell you the direction and gives you the weapons to achieve the results. You can connect assets from Box, Notion, Asana, spreadsheets or anything you need to explain to your teammates how to achieve that results!

Where can I find Plays?

Most of your company's execution best practices already exists... they are just hiding at plain sight! Our customer that are fast growing B2B SaaS companies are capturing plays in Slack, Webinars, Emails, Monday Team Meeting, QBR, Customer Round Tables and more!

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