Let's Share & Capture Plays in Slack

How do I connect my Slack with COMPAS?

If you go to your profile (click on your name/image on the top right corner) in the dropdown select "My Profile". There is a button that says "Add Slack", it will redirect you to Slack where it will ask you if you approve connecting COMPAS app with Slack. Click Accept and your are good to go!

How can I share a Play in Slack?

Every Play at the bottom has a toolbox where you can Repeat, Copy, Delete or Share a Play. If you click on Share you will be prompt to pick the Channel in Slack you want to share in. You can also add a message about why are you sharing this Play. Protip: tag someone using @ so they get notified in Slack about the Play.

How can I capture a Play from Slack?

When you are in Slack and you see that another Teammate has shared a great best practice, don't let is disappear between comments! You can capture is as a Play in your Playbook in a few simple steps.
1-Moving your mouse on top of the right top corner of the message where the commands for emoji and thread icons are and click on 'More Actions' (three little dots).
2-Select 'Capture a Play' and it will bring up a popup for you to add additional information regarding the Play. (see image below).
3-Define the Purpose for this Play and select a Playbook, Stage/Lane, Function and Area of Execution.
4-Pick to what Segments will this Play be applied to and click Submit!

Done! The Play will be created in the Playbook and Stage/Function you selected and will appear in draft. Feel free to review and publish it inside your Playbook.
Last, once the Play is created inside the Playbook we will notify you on Slack that it has been created successfully.

Do you have any other questions regarding using Slack?

Please reach out to customersuccess@compasplaybook.com we would love to help you!

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Still have questions? Email us at customersuccess@compasplaybook.com