What's New?

(Every* Monday 12pm PST we will release new things)

2021 - June 7th (9th release of Q2) - Few fixes and improvements! 🎖️


1-Now you are able to reload the page and you won't lose your filters!
2-Quick UI fixed adding the name of the Statuses to the filter bar
3-Fixed order for users in the Play card and Play sidebar
4-Fix user login error that kept crashing
5-Fixed UI bug in Filter by Stages Popup--

What is coming up?
1- Be able to search for any Play using our new Search Bar
2-Quickly change status of a Play to all the Segments involved
3- Bugs & Fixes
...and more

2021 - June 1st (8th release of Q2) - Small improvements on UX/UI! 🏳️


1-Added drag and drop to actions on the Play sidebar
2-Improved filters on Execution to hide empty columns with no Plays
3-Changes on UI of Segments popover of assets to improve visuals
4-Added tooltip hover for Pendo

Bug & Fixes
1-Fixes on filters by collaborators. Now everything follows the relationship Play <> Owners <> Collaborators <> Segments
2-Fixed Pendo tooltip showing up on top of popover
3-Changed Repeat for Cadence

What is coming up?
1- Be able to search for any Play using our new Search Bar
2-Quickly change status of a Play to all the Segments involved
3- Bugs & Fixes
...and more

2021 - May 24th (7th release of Q2) - Customize your Execution View! 🔭


1- Personalize the Execution View - position the Execution widgets in the order that you would like to see them!
2- Copy Plays to multiple Stages at the same time.
3- Be able to order the Stages directly in the Settings wheel.
4- Changed delete workflow in Functions and Stages (it didn't let you before).
5- Improved UI of default Play Owner in the popup.
6- Improved UI of Set Cadence popup.
7- Improved UI of Actions bubble comments - it turns blue when you have a Actions.
8- Added to the Story of a Play when a Teammate adds comments or actions.

What is coming up?
1- Be able to search for any Play using our new Search Bar
2- Bulk assigning of a Play status for multiple Segments
3- Bugs & Fixes
...and more

2021 - May 18th (6th release of Q2) - Now filter by Owners or Collaborators!🥇


1- Filter your Plays by "Collaborator" too! See which Plays you are collaborating with your Teammates
2- When you add a Comment  to a Play, the Comments "lights up" in blue
3- You can now search for Teammates' name when adding them as Owners or Collaborators to Segments
4- When you assign a Play to yourself , the Compas Playbook Platform doesn't send you an email notification

Bug & Fixes
1-Fixed typos on the copy Play popup window

What is coming up?
1- Be able to search for any Play using our new Search Bar
2- Personalize your Execution View to fit the ways that you like to see your Playbook!
3- Bugs & Fixes
...and more

2021 - May 12th (5th release of Q2) - Set default Owners to save time when moving Segments! 🎌


1-Save time when creating a new Segment and assign all Plays to a default Owner
2-Promote a Segment to a new stage and assign all new Plays to a default Owner
3-Be able to select which Segments to apply to a Play when copying the Play
4-New Play view for all Playbook Views (one to rule them all)

Bug & Fixes
1-Fixed when creating a new Playbook and adding a description
2-Fixed UX when setting a Play as Done with no Actions
3-Fixed email notifications when adding a new Owner to a new Segment
4-Fixed the Assets & Tools popup not filtering by some Segments
5-Fixed data issue not showing when setting up Portfolio KPIs
6-Fixed when filtering by No-Owner
7-Fixed UI when connecting your Playbook to Slack

What is coming up?
1-Improved filters (adding the capability to filter by Collaborators!)
2-Bulk assign status of a Play in multiple Segments
3-Copy a Play to multiple Stages simultaneously
4-Bugs & Fixes
...and more

2021 - May 3rd (4th release of Q2) - Get notified directly on Slack & Set Cadence for Plays! ✨


1-Set up a time cadence to a Play and get reminded when to execute it
2-Get Slack notifications when a Play is due (with fallback to email)
3-Integrate with Slack at a company level and review which Teammates are connected or not
4-Send a remind to your Teammate to integrate to Slack  
5-Get email notifications when setting up the cadence for Play (if not connected to Slack)
6-Add comments to a Play
7-Now you can filter by Stage across views
8-Added tooltips to Play commands
9-Now the Platform remember which tab you were last logged in!
10-Add a quick option to select all Segments for a new asset or tool
11-New improved filter bar
12-Added a "Go Back" to Playbook from Control Tower
13-Added new educational emails for new users

Bug & Fixes
1-Fixed Play detail view that hides the last Stage
2-Fixed bug on search input UI
3-Fixed UX bug for back button to Playbook in settings
4-Fixed bug to that didn't set default Plays when creating a Segment
5-Fixed bug when creating a new stage (used to crash)
6-Fixed Assets texts
7-Fixed the # of Assets showing when filtering Segments
8-Added Slack workspace name when integrating
9-Fixed bug in Operations View

What is coming up?
1-A consistent view of Play view across all the different Playbook views
2-Improved filters (adding the capability to filter by Collaborators!)
3-Select default owners when creating or moving Segments
4-Bugs & Fixes
...and more

2021 - April 19th (3rd release of Q2) - Transfer ownership of Plays, Apply Segments to Assets! ✨


1-When a Teammate leaves the team,  you can transfer the ownership of his/her Plays --at once- to another Teammate
2-Be able to define a Segment for each Asset linked to a Play... and filter by it!
3-Improve Stage creation by adding the Stage Description under the Settings wheel
4-Continue to get great value out of your playbooks with our sequence of educational emails for a new Teammate
5-Reduce # of email notifications receiving a summary once a day
6-As a Playbook Platform Owner, you will be notify when a Teammate adds a new Playbook to your platform

Bug & Fixes
1-Fix email notification bug
2-bug not letting you delete Plays
3-Fix UI around hover tooltips

What is coming up?
1-A consistent view of Play  across all the different Playbook views
2-Improved filters (adding the capability to filter by Stages & Collaborators!)
3-When you login again - the COMPAS playbook will bring you back to the last place you where working on
4-Bugs & Fixes
...and more

2021 - April 13th (2st release of Q2) - New Tags for Segments, Play Story & More! 🔥


1-Create and assign Tags to your Segments so that Teammates can filter faster
2-Set all Actions of a Play as Done when setting the Status of the Play as Done
3-Improve Assets popup UI by adding the number of Assets linked to that Play and a scroll call-to-action
4-Assign all Actions to the same Teammate that owns the Play with 1-click
5-Added Onboarding guides for new Teammates
6-Track a log history, "the story", of a Play
7-Improved Stage KPIs UI with change of table titles and color of columns
8-Improved Segment popup when there are not Segments (take to Settings to create a new Segment

Bug & Fixes
1-Fixed filter bug when moving between Playbook Views
2-Fixed Plays not expanding automatically when seeing them in Portfolio View
3-Fix UI bug scroll over the Delete button in Settings Teammates
4-Fixed UX bug when trying to modify the Playbook Owner role in Settings

What is coming up?
1-Reduce Email Notification to once per day for assignments of Owner, Collaborator in a Play, etc. :)
2-Change all Ownership of Plays with one click
3-Segment tags for Assets
4-Bugs & Fixes
...and more

2021 - April 4th (1st release of Q2) - New onboarding + UX/UI touches! 🔣


1-Provide onboarding tutorials for new Teammates
2-Added the ability to edit and delete comments in a Play
3-Improve the assigning of the Owners modal

Bug & Fixes
1-Fixed the create button in Function settings have the same length
2-Fixed texts explaining how to add a Function
3-Fix in invitations (backend fix)
4-Fixed email templates from notifications

What is coming up?
1-Create Tags for Segments to filter even more easily
2-Keep a log history of each Play
3-Be able to "bulk assign" Status for multiple Plays
4-Bugs & Fixes
...and more

2021 - March 26th (10th release of Q1) - Filter the Plays by Status + UX touches! 🚀

Improvements + Integrations

1-Now filter by Status on the filter side bar
2-As a Teammate, be able to tag someone from share a Play in Slack
3-Added option to integrate to Slack from settings
4-Improved Segment assignment popup when there are no Segments
5-Improved the UI of Add Play
6-Changed all gray buttons with plus icon to green buttons
7-Indicate with a legend “PENDING” that a user is pending in Teammates’ lists
8-As a Teammate, In Operations view, under List option, I want to always view the Segment when scrolling down
9-Make login case insensitive for Teammate ID
10-Create a new Function from the “Add a Play” side bar
11-Added text “& Status” on Apply component (now "Apply & Status")
12-Create permission to be able to enable/disable Slack from backend
13-Take out "new" badges from all site
14-Managed move Playbook from Backend admin
15-Now you can add/edit/delete from rows on your Stage KPIs (Portfolio View)
16-Quickly identify new features with the "New" green badge
17-Improved the UX on the Assign Owner/Collaborator popup

Bug & Fixes
1-Fixed Copy Play - be able to click outside to hide it
2-Fixed Copy Play UI input spacing
3-Fixed typo in "Share a Play" on Slack
4-Fixed Function edit - now it allows you to pick a new icon
5-Fixed login page bug that doesn’t let you write when a session has expired
6-Fixed UI bug in Operations - tab is larger than others
7-Fixed new Execution popover - alignment of # of plays and %
8-Fixed some Plays that were not showing on the frontend
9-Fixed Asset tooltip - it was like "flashing" when placing the mouse over it
10-Fixed bug when creating Area of Execution
11-Fixed a UI bug confusing the Plays commands with the Actions
12-Fixed typos on Settings Teammate

What is coming up?
1-Create Tags for Segments to filter and search even more easily
2-Have the log history of the Play
3-Bugs & Fixes
...and more

2021 - March 16th (9th release of Q1) - Slack Integration + Lots of Improvements! 🧑‍🚀

Improvements + Integrations

1-New Slack Integration! be aware: it is only accessible to a few power users until approved by Slack
2-Tag people when sharing a Play in Slack
3-Added Slack button in My Profile
4-Now you can invite a new Teammate directly from the Collaborator part in the Play
5-Improved UI of Execution precision of execution view by INDIVIDUAL Segments, Functions, Teams, etc.
6-Redesign Segment creation screen - a more natural and consistent flow with the rest of the platform
7-Improved new user with color and initials in their avatars
8-Improved Added Assets feature

Bugs + Fixes
1-Bug: when a new invited teammate created an playbook
2-Bug: when selecting a new country in Segments under Settings
3-Bug: Operations List View that opened/closed Functions
4-Fixed: Removed blue outline from buttons in Settings
5-Fixed: filter in Execution (No-Owner)
6-Fixed: in Portfolio some Areas of Execution not showing the Plays
7-Fixed: Copy Play popover hides when you click outside
8-Fixed: Spaces between inputs in Copy Play popover
9-Fixed: Removed New badges
10-Fixed: text indication in Share a Play from Slack
11-Fixed: text when there are no Segments (assigning Owner)
12-Fixed: Automatization of data correction when moving Playbooks between Companies
13-Fixed: Added migration to fix data errors (permissions, ownerships, collaborators)

What is coming up?
1-Slack Integration - available to everyone!
2-Improvements when assigning Segments & Owners
3-Better Play creation (Function & Area of Execution)
4-New filters by Status & Impact
5-Fix Bugs
& more...

2021 - March 8th (8th release of Q1) -'Huge UX clean up! 🧹

Continue to clean up & fix bugs

1-Fix how Actions where showing on a Play when looking at it in Execution
2-Enable selection of an Area of Execution when adding a Play
3-Fixed bug when trying to delete Segments that had Plays
4-Improved Portfolio to be able to view multiple Segments and compare
5-Improved error messages when adding a Play
6-Fixed bug when moving Segments between stages
7-Improved when Teammates is adding an Owner and there is no Segments
8-Be able to assign and give access to a user to a Play at the same time
9-Added feedback when successfully changed the Portfolio Profile
10-Be able to add an Area of Execution from the Copy Play option
11-Improved Added Assets feature
12-Improved UI of Playbook Settings
13-New email notifications to remind Teammates about their invitees
14-Fixed bugs in Control Tower
15-Show correct Teammates in each Playbook of Control Tower

What is coming up?

1-Slack Integration
2-Invite Teammates directly as Collaborators
3-Improved Execution View
and more...

2021 - Feb 22nd (7th release of Q1) - Minor Fixes! 🌤️

Continue to clean up & fix bugs

1-Improved so your default Playbook will be the last one you worked on
2-Clean up the UI when moving from Playboard to the Portfolio
3-Fixed a bug with the assets showing up in Portfolio
4-Fixed relation between Actions & Plays, they now are in sync after editing Segments
5-Facilitated understanding of Playbook tabs with a hover description
6-Fixed bug in Teammates Settings dropdown
7-Improved Execution by bringing the DONE Plays into the 'Precision of Execution' bar
8-Fixed lowercase bug when inviting a Teammate to your Playbook

What is coming up?

1-Fixed bugs in Control Tower we just found
2-Invite Teammates directly as Collaborators
3-Assign Teammates to a Play while also inviting them to your Playbook
4-Refactoring of the Playboard View to make it faster and easier to use
5-Slack Integration
and more...

2021 - Feb 16th (6th release of Q1) - Execute even better! 💡

Focus the Execution of Plays in the right Segments

1-Now you can add comments on your Actions
2-Set Start Date & End Date to your Actions
3-Improved Segment creation
4-Fixed Segment promotion/demotion default Plays assigning feature
5-Improved Play creation to define where will be applied
6-Fixed Play assigning it to which Segments needs to be executed
7-Fixed bug in the Playbook Profile
8-Fixed typos

What is coming up?

1-Fixed Segments KPIs bug in Portfolio view
2-Fixed Actions bugs when modifying Segments & Play

2021 - Feb 8th (5th release of Q1) - Create Your Own Playbooks! ✨

Create Your Playbook + Much More!

1-Create a New Playbook, or Edit/Delete a current one.
2-Improve List View header by keeping it fixed on top
3-Add hover over the Learning and Marketplace sections
4-Fixed a typo in Segments
5-Add & Delete Segments from your Execution Plays
6-Send a notification when you add a new Collaborator
7-Visualize the Stages of Execution by Status
8-Change how you add links to your Plays
9-Improved the Segment selection & Status
10-Improved Playbook dropdown with Exec Leader & PlayMaker info
11-Hover over the name of a Segment on the filter and see the name
12-Hover over the Teammate and Segment image to get the description
13-Fixed filter of Plays by Teammates (and No-Owner)
14-Improved "Add Assets" feature

What is coming up?

1-Add Comments on your Actions
2-Set Start Date & End Date to your Actions
3-Bug in Segments KPIs
4-Bug selecting Segments and showing Actions
5-Improve Segment creation
6-Fix Segment promotion/demotion
7-Improve Play creation
8-Fix Play drag and drop
9-Better login experience as default Playbook

2021 - Feb 2nd (4th release of Q1) - New Playbook Permissions for your Teammates! 😃

Improved Playbook Permissions
1-Assign specific roles & permissions for each user in each Playbook

What is coming up?
1-Create your own Playbook!
2-Lots of improvements!

Tuesday 19th Jan '2021 (3rd release of Q1) - Time-to-Execution by Segments & Teammates! 👍

Improved Timeline Operations
1-Visualize Plays being executed in your Segments
2-Help your Teammates prioritize their Plays and stay on capacity

1-Fixed bugs when drag & dropping Plays in the Timeline
2-Fixed issue changing the length of execution for a Play

What is coming up?
1-Permission per Playbook

2021 - Jan 11th (2nd release of Q1) - Understand Execution Capacity! ⏱️

New Timeline Operations section
1-Drive execution of the Plays understanding the team capacity thru time
2-Prioritize and focus what is coming next
3-Improve your company meetings with clear execution rituals

Visualize the Status of Actions
1-Filter Plays by Status in each Execution dimension: Teammates, Functions, Segments or Stages
2-Visualize Actions status for any Play selected

1-Fixed bugs Play in Execution missing links
2-Fixed issue while creating Segment

What is coming up?
1-Improved Timeline, now with Segments & Teammates view
2-Create, Edit or Delete your Playbooks and access the Marketplace

2021 - Jan 4th (1st release of Q1) - Drive rigor into your weekly rituals with Operations! 📊

New Operations section
1-Visualize what is in progress and what is behind by Segment, Function or Status
2-Easily go through Plays as a checklist while driving your weekly rituals

Execution gets more precise by Status
1-Filter Plays by Status in each Execution dimension: Teammates, Functions, Segments or Stages
2-Visualize Actions status for any Play selected

1-Fixed bugs in creation of Segments
2-Fixed issue while filtering in Playboard

What is coming up?
1-Track your execution on the Timeline view understanding your capacity by teammate, segment & function

2020 - Dec 20th - Bring collaborators into your Plays, set them as Done and drive Execution 🎯

Improved Play framework
1-Be able to add collaborators to Plays & Actions
2-Have the ability to show which Plays are Done

Execution gets more precise
1-Visualize your Plays on their Status of Execution (RAG)
2-Quickly select or unselect a Play to update their status & owner

Access your Playbooks directly from the Control Tower
1-Better UI on the Next Actions section
2-Go to a Playbook with one click

1-Fixed annoying bug in Segments that showed an error message

What is coming up?
1-Visualize your Plays in a List View to build your checklist
2-Track your execution on the Timeline view understanding your capacity by teammate, segment & function

2020 - Nov 30th - Gain real estate, review your Playbooks in Control Tower, view Plays in Execution

Gain real state in Playboard/Portfolio
1-We automatically hide the Add Play section
2-Add Plays when needed by clicking the plus sign
3-Select the Plays you want to see and move between them

Control Tower Your Company Playbook
1-Under your avatar access the Control Tower
2-View how the Playbooks are being executed, who owns them and what are the next actions

Better Play
1-Cleaned up the Play UI to better explain where it is being applied
2-Improved Actions buttons to make it simpler to add them

1-Click in any Play and drill down to see the whole Play and Actions
2-Continue to hover to move fast from one Play to the next
3-Now visualize your Execution by stage/lane of your Playbook

1-View a Segment KPIs and Plays just with one click
2-Improved filter selection when viewing Plays

1-Improved UX/UI feedback when adding new functions
2-Took our the Add Stage/Lane since all is managed from Playbook Settings now
3-Better UX path when saving changes on a Segment information
4-Fixed 'Forgot My Password' workflow
5-Include notifications when assigning owner to Play

2020 - Nov 13th - New Playbook Settings, Access to Help & Marketplace, UX Improvements 🏛️

Playbook Configuration
1-You can now Add, Edit or Delete Stages
2-Create, edit, or delete the Segments where you apply Plays
3-Define the Functions, edit or delete them all in one place
4-Access Playbooks all in one place

Better Play
1-Add Impact Label to Play detail component
2-Invite users directly in the Play and assigned them
3-Search for users when assigning them to Plays
4-Improved assets indexing by adding an alias in attachments.

1-Bug in the 'No Owner' filter
2-Fixed bug when assigning owners to a segment in Actions.
3-Fixed segments that don't show up

UI/UX Improvements
1-Improved Play UI adding Impact label
2-When adding a new Play now it is added last
3-Added to the Inactive status the Non-Started label
4-Better Segment KPIs view that shows images and names of Segments
5-Review UX scrolling issues for PC
6-Changed design of the Precision of Execution
7-Be able to edit the 'Target' and 'Actual' labels in Segment KPI view

1-Access Playbook Marketplace directly from the Playbook
2-When having a doubt now find the answer in our Learn section

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Still have questions? Email us at customersuccess@compasplaybook.com