Execution Velocity when you need it most

Accelerate your Results with your Playbook-as-a-Service.


Accelerate Your Playbook

Take what has made you successful and build the plays to create your muscle memory engine.

Andrew Ghiacy
Globalization Analyst, Blue Prism

“Capturing our playbook is what has taken us from $12M to $150M ARR and from 100 to 1200 employees without breaking the company. We couldn’t have done it with word docs, excels and ppts.”

Execute Your Playbook

Give your team the tools to execute and track results faster than any other competitor.

German Pugliese Bassi
Co-Founder CMO & Alliances, Technisys

“The playbook and execution to manage both Marketing & Alliances have been invaluable. Especially the latteral playbook has been a game-changer, because it keeps everyone accountable — myself included.”

Paulo Pinto
Head of Growth Operations

"Running operations for multiple functions in multiple countries was a challenge. Now we can all be on the same page on how we operate and what we need to achieve and expect for our teams. The results are very clear and concise. It works."

German Pugliese-Massi
Co-founder and CMO

"Running marketing efforts for multiple market segments is a challenge. Now, my team can  be on the same  page on how we operate and with our single and modern playbooks. The results are very clear and concise. It is execution in its purest form."

COMPAS - Your Execution Velocity

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