Define Where We Will Execute our Plays

What are Segments?

Where are you going to apply the Plays captured in your Playbook? If you are doing a Marketing Playbook you might have cohort or type of use-cases. If you have a Partners Playbook maybe you will be applying them to Accenture, Deloitte, EY, etc. Are you building a geographical GTM Growth playbook? Maybe countries or regions will do. Segments are where you apply the Plays that will drive and achieve the results you need.

How do I define the KPIs for my Stages/Lanes?

We use KPIs as a broader term here. Sometimes you need hard set measurable goals that you need to achieve: ARR, Number of Customers, Growth Rate %, Churn %. Other times more soft KPIs will be needed: have you successfully onboarded all partners in less than 30 days? Have you got buy-in of all stakeholders before the product launch? KPIs are needed to set the tone of what needs to be achieved in this stage/lane. It will create the compelling event to understand if we have the right set of Plays captured and ready to go.

What happens when my segment is ready to move to another Stage/Lane?

Once you move a Segment to the next Stage/Lane it will get assigned all the Plays defined in the Playboard for that Stage/Lane. Automatically you will be able to start assigning the owners for those Plays and executing them immediately. It is important before moving to the next stage to consider the previous point regarding the KPIs. Has the segment achieved the required KPIs needed to move to the next stage? Once you are ready, just simply Drag & Drop!

Connecting Strategy with Execution to generate Results

Once we have defined our Stages/Lanes, our Plays and our Segments the dimensions of the Playbook start connecting to each other. A quick question to ask is: do we have the right set of Plays to achieve the KPIs we defined for this stage/lane? Are the KPIs in this stage/lane the right ones that will build the foundation for the next step while also giving the teams the ability to feel fulfill at accomplishing the needed results?

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