Learn How to Visualize Your Playbook

Why are there 4 tabs across the top of my Playbook landing page ?

The four tabs, or views, correspond to the thought process we go through when building a Playbook. The Playbook connects strategy to execution and it involves understanding the different aspects of the creative and operational efforts of the teams. We start by asking ourselves what is the "how-to" that we need to execute to WIN. This "how-to" are captured in the Playboard tab or view. This is a critical aspect of any successful Playbook.

How many Playbooks can I have?

Unlimited. You can have as many Playbooks as you, your team and your company may need. All Playbooks can be configured to have its own set of Stages/Lanes, Functions, Segments and Teammates.

Who is involved in each section of the Playbook?

The CXOs (aka Executives) are the owners of the Playbook since they want to capture the "how-to" of the company and be able to track and drive the execution across all of their function/department. Managers and teams utilize the Playbook to execute the Plays captured to achieve the results expected by the CXOs.

Will I use all tabs of the Playbook?

Most users utilize all tabs across the Playbook. Depending of your role and seniority you will find more value on the strategic side of the Playboard and Portfolio, or in the execution side of Execution & Operations. That said, we have built our software to be transparent and foster accountability across all functions and segments.

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