Technical Hiring

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Technical hiring is the most important on-going decision your tech company makes. Learn and deploy the best practices to create a world-class technical hiring process

Key Benefit
  • Stop wasting time and resources on expensive recruiters. Make hiring a durable competitive advantage instead of a me-too process.
  • Hire the best talent you’ve ever had efficiently and repeatably.
  • Learn how to build a great screening, interviewing, offering and onboarding process with help from the best.
How does it work?
  1. Build the Foundation by creating a predictable, efficient, and cost-effective hiring funnel.
  2. Enable Growth through our world-class interviewing, offering and closing process.
  3. Create a High Performance team through our onboarding, training and mentoring system.
What's included?
  • Learn “Moneyball For Nerds”, the “Three-Axis System”, how to flip your hiring funnel, and much more.
  • Self-assess your interviewing and learn the latest techniques that actually predict how candidates will work out as employees.
  • A self-contained, end-to-end framework for hiring, more than 4 hours of training videos, and all the documentation you need to implement World-Class Tech Hiring.


Enabling Growth
High Performance


Technical Support
Agustin Lebron

I help tech leaders learn skills and techniques to scale their tech organizations. I’ve done thousands of interviews and hired hundreds. Most tech leaders do what they’ve always done, with typical results. But world-class hiring organizations do things very differently, and the results are different too. Because over the long term, the quality of your people completely defines your organization’s success. Let me show you how the best in the world do it.