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Where does my Playbook live?

The problem is that your playbook, one of your biggest key elements to winning, is on your head and/or all over the place in the mind of your team members! And now even worse, remotely. Perhaps, some key members have tried to capture it in some un-ending and already outdated PPTs, Excels, docs, etc. Maybe today’s approach to executing and amplifying your playbook is just not getting the job done- in fact, they are making things worse. The existing way to run your playbook may make as much sense as adding ketchup to wine…

Who is involved in my Playbook?

Playbooks are a team sport! So it needs to be naturally cross functional and cross geo and cross segment. An orchestration layer between sales, marketing, finance, and operations – helping to quantify ROI tradeoffs across divisions to help founders make strategic tradeoffs.

How long does it take to build my Playbook?

Most COMPAS customers built their Playbook version 1.0 in a few hours to a few days. Like all great playbooks in business -- it will take a couple of rounds of adding and harmonizing Plays since you want to draw from real successful and challenging  situations. Think of your Playbook where you capture your "muscle memory" and build a single version of your executing engine. As you learn what is driving your success the Playbook will improve, adapt and change so you can continue to increase the velocity of execution.

What is a Play?

A Play is a concise imperative to execute. Play syntax has three parts = [action verb]+[subject]+[description]. It is accompanied by the “Purpose” field to emphasize and re-affirm the value of the Play to all team members. Each Play will have a sequence of Actions that index your assets (ppt, excels, etc) so you know what to you use when you need and how you need it most.

Do you provide Playbook Templates?

As part of our community you will have access to a best-practice library of Playbook Templates provided by our network of experts, aka PlayMakers. The PlayMakers are the best in class operators in each of their fields.

What is your experience building Playbooks?

We have been helping our customers, B2B SaaS startups, capture and execute their Playbooks in order to win. We have built over 100 playbooks, capture over 10k Plays and manage over $2Bn in ARR for our customers with our Playbook platfomr. This is NOT our 1st rodeo! We breath, eat and dream B2B SaaS Playbooks.

Still have questions? Email us at customersuccess@compasplaybook.com