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Design, Capture & Execute Your Playbook

As a successful sports team has a a single and unifying playbook for winning; at COMPAS we provide our customers with a Playbook Platform for winning in their marketplace – where employees love to use COMPAS for executing their best plays across any functions -- for companies of all sizes, across any industry.

How do I organize my Playbook?

Your Playbook has 4 views:

1 - PLAYBOARD - where your Plays, your "how to", live

2 - PORTFOLIO - where you apply/run the Playbook

3 - EXECUTION - where you track your execution

4 - OPERATIONS - where you drives the Plays

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How do I design my Playbook?

Simple,  start by configuring 4 dimensions of your Playboard:

1 - Define your Stages or Lanes of Execution (like columns) - If your Playbook execution is sequential then define the Playboard columns as stages. If your execution is  parallel then treat the Playboard columns as  swimming lanes.

2 - Identify the Functions - involved in your Playbook - for example in a GTM Playbook you will have likely Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Finance functions.

3 - Add the Segments - where you apply your Playbook - examples are industries, countries, use-cases, campaigns, etc.

4 - Add the Teammates - All involved with the Playbook.

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What is a Play?

A Play is an individual or team effort to achieve a result. It is communicated via an imperative sentence with a max of 85 characters and with the following syntax:

       [action verb] + [subject] + [description]

In addition, every Play has the following components:

'Purpose' to emphasize why are we doing this effort.

'Owner' to drive accountability of the Play.

'Apply' to segments - where you are executing this Play.

'Impact' to the business - the value that it creates to the team's success.

'Actions', suggested ones, for the teammates to execute the Play successfully

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How do I apply my Playbook?

Your Plays are applied against any type of Segments that you wish to define.

You can define the Segments by industries, countries, use-case, partners, etc. and track them through your Playbook.

Connect your Playbook with your KPIs to drive the results.

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How do I drive accountability of my Playbook?

The EXECUTION view empowers the individual teammates and the team to quickly find out who is executing what and track accountability and execution status. As important, understand how to help your team succeed!

Visualize Plays by Segment, Function or Team. Hover over any Play or filter to drill down and find what you need the most.

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How do I operate my Playbook?

The OPERATIONS view enable to understand what is the capacity of execution for each Segment, Function and Team.

Have a List, Timeline and Board view to fit your needs to operate and execute the Plays and Actions needed to drive results.

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