Execute With Confidence

What does it mean 'Precision of Execution'?

At COMPAS, we really want you to change the way that you think of execution. A playbook will give you a new way of leading, thinking, and executing your business – resolving a problem we didn’t pay any attention to because we never though there were another way.  Before playbooks, we executed our business by our “gut-feeling”, “seat-of-our-pants”and/or by just keeping all of best practices in our brains or at best in some obsolete digital form like shared files, ppts, or docs. We are now going to measure what is our 'Precision of Execution'. How many Plays are we executing, across how many Stages/Lanes, applied to how many segments and who is accountable.

What are my dimensions of Execution?

We have 4 dimensions in a Playbook: Segments, Functions, Teammates and Stages/Lanes. Covering all four sides of our executing process will help us understand what to focus on and what is working and what is not. It is as important to know what we are doing well as it is to find what is not working and how can we help.

How & when do I use Execution to drive accountability? In your Weekly Rituals

Incorporate Execution in your current meetings, specially in:
A) Weekly Team Meetings (function/geo) to understand what is the most pressing issues and how to drive focus
B) CXOs when doing QBRs with their overall company teams
C) CEOs at Board Meetings to highlight the areas of execution where they are focusing on
D) 1-on-1s where they need to asses someone performance and accountability

How do I filter to see what I care about?

As a Playbook start being build out it can expand to become extensive. To make sure you can focus on what matters most and what is your responsibility, easily use the filters on the left side to narrow your focus to your execution.

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