Connect your Tasks with your Plays

How do I connect my Asana with the Playbook Platform?

1-Go to "My Profile" in the top right corner
2-Select the "My Integrations" tab
3-Click on the Asana logo

You have connected Asana to your Playbook Platform!

Now in any Play you will see an Asana logo. You can click on it to connect the Play to a Project in Asana.

How can I connect my Plays to my Tasks?

After connecting COMPAS to Asana, every Play will have the power to be connected to Sections inside the Projects in Asana.
1-Open a Play and click on the Asana logo at the top
2-Select the Segment for that Play you want to connect to a checklist in Asana
3-Find the Project and Section inside Asana

Now, as you complete the Tasks inside that Section, we will update the Play Status. No more double entry, no need to ask 'how are we doing on this Play', it updates automatically!

How does the logic of the Play Status vs the # of Tasks I have completed in Asana work together?

0 Tasks Completed in Asana = Non-Started (Grey) status in COMPAS
>0 to 20% Tasks Completed in Asana = Behind or Missed (Red) status in COMPAS
21% to 60% Tasks Completed in Asana = Partial or At Risk (Yellow) status COMPAS
61% to 99% Tasks Completed in Asana = On-Track (Green) status in COMPAS
100% Tasks Completed in Asana = Done (Blue) status in COMPAS

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